• “Thanks to the SAIL program, I’ve improved my stamina & strength. Consequently I am happier and feel better about myself.”

    Carolyn, 66
  • “The SAIL exercise class has helped me to have more energy and better balance to overcome the vertigo problems of the past. The class has also helped me prevent falling as I have been prone to do.

    Dolores, 78
  • “I joined the SAIL class several months ago after back surgery and the class has strengthened not only my back but the whole body.

    Arlyce, 69
  • “I’ve made lots of new friends. My legs are measurably almost twice as strong as when I started the SAIL class four years ago. Intermittent pain in my back and one hip is gone. I feel vibrant and healthy, far more so than when I was in my 50’s. Exercise has to be priority of every day.

    Marilyn, 67

Stay Active & Independent for Life – THE SAIL PROGRAM

Learn why older adults say, “I can do so much more these days, and I know it’s this program”.

SAIL Seminars specializes in the dissemination of an evidence-based fall prevention program for older adults called “Stay Active & Independent for Life” (the SAIL Program). The SAIL Program is a strength, balance and fitness class for adults 65+ and recognized as a Title IIID – Evidence-Based Program by the Administration on Aging.


Evidence-Based Program

In September 2012, SAIL was recognized as a Title IIID – Evidence-Based Program by the Administration on Aging. SAIL met the highest level criteria for an evidence-based program.

Online Training

The online SAIL Program Leader training is available to everyone who is interested in learning more about the SAIL Program.

Onsite Training

The onsite SAIL Program Leader training is especially appropriate for organizations that intend to establish and disseminate SAIL Programs in their geographic regions.


A SAIL Program Wins in the NCOA 2017 Falls Free® Photo Contest

Our heartiest congratulations go to the Blount County Office on Aging in Maryville, Tennessee!  They entered the NCOA 2017 Falls Free® Photo Contest with a picture that represents their SAIL Program along with a very clever poem, and won Third Place in the photo contest.

View the Blount County Office on Aging photo, as well as all of the present and past winners at the following address:

Photo Contest Winners

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Centrex Rehab

We were thrilled to have the opportunity to make a return visit to Minneapolis, Minnesota recently to observe a SAIL Program that is supported by Centrex Rehab.

Centrex Rehab is a therapy company and Certified Agency that provides therapy services to diverse clientele in many distinct settings.  The EverActive Wellness Club is just one example of a service that is available through Centrex Rehab.  The EverActive Wellness Club is a health and wellness model that can be implemented in a variety of settings,

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UCLA Rehabilitation Services

Santa Monica, California… home to the Santa Monica pier, Route 66, the Third Street Promenade, and… a SAIL Program!

In 2013, UCLA Rehabilitation Services was seeking opportunities to connect with their community and offer wellness services.  The SAIL Program provided the perfect venue to serve the older adult community.  Six therapists from UCLA Rehabilitation Services completed the SAIL Program Leader training online through Pierce College.  The SAIL Program started at UCLA Outpatient Rehabilitation Services in Santa Monica,

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TEAMS for Healthier Living

“We created TEAMS for Healthier Living to elicit and positively reinforce healthy lifestyle behaviors and mitigate the impact of chronic illness,” said Kathy Moisio, PhD, RN, “because it is difficult to change longstanding health-related behaviors in a 10- or 15-minute practitioner visit, and written pamphlets don’t always work.” TEAMS for Healthier Living brings together students and faculty from a local university and college with older adults and staff at community sites to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

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