• “Thanks to the SAIL program, I’ve improved my stamina & strength. Consequently I am happier and feel better about myself.”

    Carolyn, 66
  • “The SAIL exercise class has helped me to have more energy and better balance to overcome the vertigo problems of the past. The class has also helped me prevent falling as I have been prone to do.

    Dolores, 78
  • “I joined the SAIL class several months ago after back surgery and the class has strengthened not only my back but the whole body.

    Arlyce, 69
  • “I’ve made lots of new friends. My legs are measurably almost twice as strong as when I started the SAIL class four years ago. Intermittent pain in my back and one hip is gone. I feel vibrant and healthy, far more so than when I was in my 50’s. Exercise has to be priority of every day.

    Marilyn, 67

Stay Active & Independent for Life – THE SAIL PROGRAM

Learn why older adults say, “I can do so much more these days, and I know it’s this program”.

SAIL Seminars specializes in the dissemination of an evidence-based fall prevention program for older adults called “Stay Active & Independent for Life” (the SAIL Program). The SAIL Program is a strength, balance and fitness class for adults 65+ and recognized as a Title IIID – Evidence-Based Program by the Administration on Aging.


Evidence-Based Program

In September 2012, SAIL was recognized as a Title IIID – Evidence-Based Program by the Administration on Aging. SAIL met the highest level criteria for an evidence-based program.

Online Training

The online SAIL Program Leader training is available to everyone who is interested in learning more about the SAIL Program.

Onsite Training

The onsite SAIL Program Leader training is especially appropriate for organizations that intend to establish and disseminate SAIL Programs in their geographic regions.

Why choose SAIL Seminars?

We have a pathway for certifying “Master Trainers” that is very affordable (less than $800 per person).

The founder of SAIL Seminars (Laurie Swan) worked closely with the original founders of the SAIL Program in Washington State for several years and is committed to maintaining the original fidelity of the program.

We have worked with organizations such as the Oklahoma Healthy Aging Initiative, Centrex Rehab, Marymount University, and UCLA Rehabilitation Services to bring SAIL to their communities (see our Spotlight on SAIL posts below).

We provide free, on-going consulting services to Master Trainers and their organizations to ensure the successful uptake of the SAIL Program in a geographic area.

All of our instructors are physical therapists with doctoral degrees and many years of experience working with older adults.

Our online SAIL Program Leader training has undergone an intensive internal review for quality assurance and has met the 21 Essential Quality Matters Standards, with an emphasis on accessibility.

Our partner for the online SAIL Program Leader training, Pierce College Fort Steilacoom, ranks among the top 10 best community colleges in the nation, and is a finalist for the 2019 Aspen Prize for Community College Excellence.

We have certified over 1,000 SAIL Program Leaders in 39 states, and 4 countries.


Top of Alabama Regional Council of Governments

We received a phone call from René Breland in August 2018.  René is the Director of Aging Programs for the Top of Alabama Regional Council of Governments (TARCOG).  She had just visited a SAIL fitness class in Huntsville, AL and wanted to know if it would be possible to expand the number of SAIL Programs in northern Alabama.

Carolyn Rhodes is the Fitness Director and a Certified Personal Trainer for the Huntsville-Madison County Senior Center. 

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North Central Texas Trauma Regional Advisory Council

During Fall Quarter 2017, we noticed that there were four people from the greater Dallas / Fort Worth area enrolled in the online version of the SAIL Program Leader training.  We learned that an evidence-based fall prevention program called “A Matter of Balance” had been disseminated in this region, but people were wondering how they could encourage older adults to continue with an exercise program after completing A Matter of Balance.

Lynn Kubic was one of those who completed the online version of the SAIL training. 

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Osaka Jikei College Japanese Students

Clover Park Technical College in Lakewood, WA has been welcoming students from Osaka Jikei College, their sister college in Osaka, Japan for more than 10 years.  We were recently invited to share our knowledge about evidence-based programs for fall prevention in older adults with approximately 25 students majoring in gerontology who were engaged in a three-day study tour and cultural exchange here in Washington State.  After learning about the creation and dissemination of the SAIL Program,

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AltaPointe Health

We were honored to be invited to Mobile, Alabama in February 2019 to collaborate with AltaPointe Health to provide their initial SAIL Program Leader training.

AltaPointe Health is Alabama’s largest and most comprehensive behavioral healthcare and psychiatric hospital system.  AltaPointe’s mission is to plan and facilitate a comprehensive, behavioral healthcare system that promotes the wellness and recovery of people living with mental illness, substance use disorders and developmental disability.

AltaPointe Health’s four main divisions of service include inpatient,

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