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We were thrilled to have the opportunity to make a return visit to Minneapolis, Minnesota recently to observe a SAIL Program that is supported by Centrex Rehab.

Centrex Rehab is a therapy company and Certified Agency that provides therapy services to diverse clientele in many distinct settings.  The EverActive Wellness Club is just one example of a service that is available through Centrex Rehab.  The EverActive Wellness Club is a health and wellness model that can be implemented in a variety of settings, including Skilled Nursing Facilities and Assisted Living Communities.  Clients or residents become “club members” and have access to wellness programs, fitness classes, health assessments, and screenings.  The SAIL Program is one of the evidence-based falls prevention programs that is offered through the EverActive Wellness Club.

SAIL Seminars provided the initial training for Centrex Rehab staff in 2013.  Centrex Rehab then began to disseminate SAIL into the community in 2014, in a few independent and Assisted Living Communities through their EverActive Wellness Club.  Centrex Rehab continued to expand the number of SAIL Programs; these programs can now be found in two Skilled Nursing Facilities, as well as sixteen Independent / Assisted Living Communities.

Ronna Rochell is the Director of Fitness Solutions at Centrex Rehab, and was leading the SAIL fitness class when we visited Nine Mile Creek Senior Living in Bloomington, Minnesota in June 2017.  When we asked Ronna to share her thoughts about the SAIL Program with us, she told us that “we all know that this evidence-based exercise class, SAIL, brings so many beneficial results to our participants, such as obtaining better balance, gaining muscular strength, and reducing falls.  The beauty of this class is that it works and we feel like we are changing lives and bringing more health, wellness and safety into people’s lives!”

Mary Blazanin, the Activities Director at Nine Mile Creek Senior Living echoed Ronna’s thoughts when she shared with us that “we have seen an amazing reduction in falls for the residents who participate in this class.  Some of those have gone to no falls if they come on a regular basis.  The residents love this class!”

The Six Components of a SAIL fitness class, as demonstrated by SAIL Program Leader Ronna Rochell, and the SAIL participants at Nine Mile Creek Senior Living:




Scripted Balance / Cool-down

Strength Training











Stretching Exercises



What’s the sixth component?  An educational tip!

Ronna provided education on how resisted strength training helps to strengthen bones, and reduce the chance of fractures.



Mary was right, older adults really do love the SAIL Program!  Here’s what the SAIL participants at Nine Mile Creek Senior Living had to say:


  • “The class is well designed.  It covers the most needed physical exercises for wellness and mobility.  After a warm-up I can count on aerobic exercise and balance training and strength development followed by cool-down stretches.  The trainers are great.  Not only are they competent, they know our names and are aware of our individual needs.  They keep the class lively.”     Bea
  • “It has made me stronger and more confident.  I know I need to keep attending fitness classes so I can continue to enjoy my life.”     Gloria
  • “(I am) more able to trust my balance and more able to MOVE better.  I do not want my energy level to drop and this class really helps.”     Avis
  • “I couldn’t bend down to pick items up from the floor.  Depended upon my ‘grabber’.  I can get spilled items, slippery ice cubes, etc., up now.”     Beverly

Thank you to Ronna and the residents at Nine Mile Creek Senior Living for letting us come and visit your SAIL Program.  We appreciate your willingness to share your SAIL story with others!

If you live in the Minneapolis area and are interested in hearing more about the SAIL Program offered through Centrex Rehab, please contact:

Ronna Rochell, MFA
Director of Fitness Solutions
Centrex Rehab
(952) 495-6022