Frequently Asked Questions

How can I become a SAIL Program Leader?

We encourage all potential SAIL Program Leaders to complete their initial training through an onsite, live class format, or by taking the online class through Pierce College. Both the onsite class and the online class will provide you with the training you will need to initiate, establish, and market a SAIL Program in your community. In addition, you’ll learn how to keep the interest of your older adults to ensure that your program continues to be successful over time.

I have completed the SAIL Program Leader training; can I now teach other people how to be SAIL Program Leaders?

SAIL Seminars is pleased to offer a pathway for persons to become a Certified Trainer for SAIL Program Leaders. This certification enables the person to act as a “master trainer” for the SAIL Program in a geographic region. Click here for more information about the requirements and process to become a Certified Trainer.

What is a “public domain” program?

“Public domain” refers to works that are publicly available without copyright restrictions. The SAIL Program was developed with state and federal funds; therefore, it is in the public domain and cannot be copyrighted. There are no license or renewal fees associated with establishing and maintaining a SAIL Program in a community.

How much does the SAIL Program cost?

Since the SAIL Program is a public domain program, there are no initial or ongoing fees that the host site pays to any organization. Older adults may or may not pay a fee to the host site to attend a SAIL Program; this decision is made by the host site. Many host sites offer the SAIL Program free of charge to older adults as one of the benefits of membership at the host site.

What space and equipment is needed for a SAIL Program?

The core of the SAIL Program is a fitness class that meets three times per week for one hour. We recommend that there are no more than 20 older adults in a fitness class at one time. The host site needs an open space large enough for 20 people to exercise. In addition, each person will need to have a chair available for the seated exercises. Another item that is strongly recommended for the SAIL fitness class is adjustable cuff weights (two for each person).

How can you ensure that fidelity to the original SAIL Program is maintained?

Our instructors for both the onsite training and the online training have been carefully selected and trained to ensure that they present the SAIL Program as it was originally used for the randomized controlled trial. A translational research study has been published that demonstrated that the SAIL Program can be disseminated and implemented in communities while maintaining the positive effects of the original randomized controlled trial.

Is there a SAIL Program in my community?

Yes, it is possible that there is a SAIL Program in your community. We do not track or maintain a list of active SAIL Programs in the United States. We recommend that you check with your local senior center, Area Agency on Aging, or Department of Health to determine what physical activity programs are available in your area.