Fort Defiance Indian Health Board, Inc.

We were recently contacted by Jenn Gorman, Director of Wellness & Fitness for the Fort Defiance Indian Health Board, Inc. (FDIHB) to conduct an onsite SAIL Program Leader training in Arizona.

FDIHB is one of six service units in the Navajo Indian health care system that serves 45,000 people in a geographic region that is 2,000+ square miles.  FDIHB has received frequent requests for teaching exercise classes and providing education.  Jenn noticed that the wellness staff often provided this type of service for 8 weeks, but after the wellness staff left, the exercise classes ended.  Jenn had a vision of implementing an evidence-based exercise program through master trainers by providing the initial training for a community, guiding them in getting the program up and going, and then returning periodically to assist with long term sustainability.

We were honored to be invited to provide the initial SAIL Program Leader training in Fort Defiance, AZ in November 2019.  Twenty-two people completed the training, and we will continue to work with eight of these people as they complete the requirements to become a Certified Trainer for SAIL Program Leaders.  The Certified Trainers will then work in Navajo communities to initiate, grow and sustain SAIL Programs.