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In 2016, Tom Egan, President and CEO of the Foundation for Senior Living (FSL) applied for and was awarded a grant from the State of Arizona Office of the Attorney General.  The grant enabled key personnel to implement the SAIL Program in Adult Day Health Services in Phoenix, Tempe, and Glendale, Arizona.

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Mary Servin, RN, BC and Program Director of Adult Day Health Services at FSL was the first to envision the possibility of a SAIL Program at FSL.  “I had researched several evidence-based programs”, she told us, “and was very excited when I was researching the SAIL Program as it would provide many benefits to our participants and caregivers”.  Mary was responsible for the oversight of SAIL and its implementation at the three sites.  She ensured that employees received training, that all supplies had been purchased, and that all releases for participation in the program had been obtained.  Mary monitored the data collection at all sites, and summarized the outcomes.

Thirteen key employees from FSL completed the SAIL Program Leader training in the online format during the Fall Quarter 2016, and in subsequent quarters, an additional fourteen staff members would complete the training.  Directors of each of the Adult Day Health Centers, registered nurses, and certified nursing assistants completed the training to understand the benefits of integrating an evidence-based program into the day-to-day activities.  Recreational therapists, including interns from a local university completed the training and began leading the SAIL fitness classes three times weekly at each site.  A physical therapist has acted as a consultant to answer questions regarding exercise adaptations for specific participants, and to monitor the fitness checks.

Alicia Gonzales, CTRS is a recreational therapist for FSL.  Alicia told us that her clients go out of their way to ask who will be leading the SAIL fitness class that day.  “They have become more independent and have a desire to maintain their balance and improve upper and lower body strength”, Alicia told us.  “I love knowing that the clients want to continue attending the SAIL fitness class and the positive impact it has created in their life”.

The primary goal of a SAIL Program is to reduce and prevent falls in older adults.  During the two-year grant period, 92 adults with dementia / Alzheimer’s disease or a traumatic brain injury participated in SAIL Programs at the FSL sites.  In the first year, there were a total of six non-injury falls, and one injury fall.  In the subsequent six months, there were no reported falls.  An additional six month tracking period is currently in progress, and there have been no reported falls.

Faith McLoone is the grants officer who provided oversight from the Attorney General’s Office in Arizona.  She shared just a few of the reasons why FSL was awarded the grant.  Among these were the service that FSL provides for older adults in Arizona, the capacity for FSL to successfully manage a grant, the cost effectiveness of the grant proposal, and the focus on embedding SAIL as a sustainable program over the long term.  The two-year grant period recently ended, and the Attorney General’s Office approved an additional six-month supplement to expand FSL’s reach into the surrounding community.  FSL employees who have completed the SAIL Program Leader training will begin offering the SAIL Program to older adults in venues such as senior centers and senior housing communities in Maricopa County.

We were honored to assist the FSL staff in bringing SAIL to their communities, and we thank them for their commitment to promote health, independence and dignity for all.

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